We are facing another construction in the skeletal system
– A modern house with an atrium and a nearly 100-meter patio.
It will be a house with a pure minimalist form from natural materials, which will be built on a forest plot.

In addition, next to the house the investor has planned a glass solitude.

Another construction completed


Who we are?

We are a producer of single-family houses with wooden frame construction. Our technology consists in the construction of individual walls in workshop conditions, then delivered to the construction site and assembled on a previously prepared foundation slab. This allows you to shorten the construction time on the investor’s plot up to 3 days. Putting the building in such condition allows immediate start of finishing works inside and outside the house. The construction method we propose is an alternative to arduous and long-lasting traditional technologies. Our construction system is the most accurate and precise method used in construction. This construction method allows full dimensions retention and eliminates any structural inaccuracies.

In our offer you can find:


What makes us diffrent?

Owning your own home is for many people a dream come true, and at the same time a great fear as to the course of construction, its duration and the final quality of finishing. At ORSEGA, we are perfectly aware that building a house is an investment for years, which is why we carefully listen to all the comments of our clients and try to meet their needs. This is clearly seen in the preparation phase of the project. We do not insist on choosing ready and duplicated designs. It is crucial for us to talk with the client, get to know his needs and expectations. The final project is the result of matching the vision of your dream home with the technical and material possibilities of its implementation.

What is our advantage?

  • QUALITY - we build houses based on the best materials and using the latest technologies used in frame building.
  • TIME - we are a producer of single-family houses, which we deliver to the customer in the form of prefabricated wall and roof elements, equipped with all installations. The term of the contract is 3 months!
  • PAYMENT - with each client, we agree on the method and date of financing the construction of the house.