Mobile homes are built on chassis with maximum dimensions of 2.55 x 8.00. The chassis has all approvals and approvals that allow registration in the communication department and are approved for road traffic.

The technology we use is based on solutions that ensure the absolute stiffness of the wooden frame, used as a supporting structure for a mobile home. Cross-sections of walls, roof and floor are in line with the technology required in frame building.

Proper use and placement of vapor-barrier and vapor-permeability layers guarantees proper „breathing” of internal spaces and maintaining thermal insulation parameters. Structural elements are permanently connected using SPAX type wood screws.

 We do not use OSB fragile boards to build our mobile homes. In wall and roof sheeting, we use only waterproof plywood, and on the floor waterproof plywood with film – plywood used in truck trucks.

We move freely in all materials, technologies and installation systems. In the field of installations and connections, we implement every request of the investor. 

For finishing mobile homes – TINY HOUSE we use the following materials: 
– on the outside: domestic and exotic wood, wood-based panels, plastics, sheet metal.
– on the inside: materials used in the furniture industry, from traditional to the most modern.

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