We are a producer of single-family houses, which we deliver to the customer in the form of prefabricated wall and roof elements, equipped with all installations.

The technology of skeletal houses we build consists in prefabricating walls up to 6 meters long, based on individually prepared projects. Each of them consists of a wooden skeleton with OSB on both sides, and the interior is filled with mineral wool.

Finished walls are delivered to the construction site with window and door joinery installed, where they are assembled on the previously prepared foundation slab. From the outside they are secured with a windproof membrane.

On the walls, inside the building, a wooden or steel grate is screwed. In such created spaces filled with mineral wool, all kinds of installations are installed. The whole is finally covered with a vapor barrier foil and two layers of drywall.

Our offer includes the execution of ready-made buildings as well as individual elements of walls and ceilings for assembly teams – for self-assembly.

 Installation of the building, depending on the size, takes 2-3 days. The roof of the house at this stage is protected by a layer of roofing felt, while the walls are covered with a layer of windproof membrane.

Thus prepared and protected from weather conditions, the house is ready for façade and finishing works, which can be made with any of the methods available for traditional construction, eg polystyrene, clinker, stone, wood.

We create high quality houses using 40 years of experience, according to high technological standards.

We focus on transparent rules of cooperation, both from the financial and executive side. Based on the contract, we give you the opportunity to agree on the method of financing the construction, preparing the house design, taking into account the client’s expectations, as well as precisely defining the date of its completion. We also create the possibility of preparing current photographic reports on the course of work. We move freely in all materials at the finishing stage of buildings. We guarantee the matching of the house design concept to executive, material and technical capabilities.

The deadline for the implementation of the contract – 3 months!

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